Wild At The Margins at Lancaster City Museum

I’m exhibiting paintings and sculptures at an exhibition at Lancaster City Museum next month, alongside Fay Collins. Our work focuses on nature and wildlife and it’s relation with humans and the human environment. Most of my paintings are of landscapes very close to my home, the woodland alongside the River Wyre, and the Lune Estuary, as well as some from Scotland. This is partly because I love to depict places and subjects which I really know, and partly due to the constraints of combining creativity with a schedule imposed by a tiny tyrant who is nonetheless far too big for me to actually carry any distance. So all the places I have painted are places that can be reached with our trusty green off road buggy, I probably ought to have included it in at least one painting. Here are two of my new paintings which will be on show.

The exhibition is on until March 1st.

‘At the Edge of the Sands’. Oil on canvas, 102 x 76 cm.
‘Where The Fox Was’. Oil on canvas, 36 x 46 cm.