Prize Draw of Original Artwork In Aid of Protecting The Amazon

'Towards The Sun' oil painting
'Towards The Sun', Oil on canvas, 71 x 71 cm

I am raffling this painting to raise funds for a Go Fund Me Campaign which helps support indigenous defenders of the Amazon Rainforest. It was set up in memory of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira who were murdered earlier this year in the Amazon. There is also the chance to win a beautiful piece of ceramic art by artist Sarah Livingstone.

I painted ‘Towards The Sun’ in celebration of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, who were brutally murdered in the Vale do Javari region of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest (near the borders with Peru and Columbia) on the 5th June 2022. They were reporting on an intensifying conflict between the indigenous people (many of whom have never been in contact with modern society) and groups engaged in a range of illegal activities, including fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking in their reserves. I wanted to create something colourful and joyful to commemorate two amazing people. ‘Towards The Sun’ was painted from my memories of time spent in tropical forests, especially Madagascar. I am fascinated by the transformative effects of light, and find few things more beautiful and uplifting than sunlight filtering through trees. ‘Towards The Sun’ is an expression of my hope for a better future; for our wonderful planet and the people who protect it. All proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will go towards UNIVAJA (Union of Indigenous Peoples of Vale do Javari,

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