Lune Year: Sycamore and Flood Grass

A short lived spell of warm sunny weather in the past few days has finally brought a touch of green to the trees. This sketch is of the brand new sycamore leaves opening, the grass from last December’s floods still wrapped tightly around the branches. Its mixed media; acrylic and pastel, on a watercolour background.

Two cherries

And a sketch of two cherries, in watercolour pencil, which I did with my Art in the Park class this morning at Williamson Park in Lancaster. My favourite kind of drawing; no particular agenda or expectations, I just like something, so I draw it. I don’t do this enough in the winter. Its easy in the …

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Todays sketches are of some warthogs and vervet monkeys. (And another elephant backside). The monkey stole our loaf of bread and then modelled for us beautifully while she ate it. Her baby didn’t seem to like the bread, probably too young. Warthogs are amazingly strange looking, especially the males, they have bumps below their eyes …

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An abundance of elephants. I returned from South Africa a week ago with a sketchbook full of animals and a rucksack full of shells, porcupine quills, and various other items DEFRA would not approve of. I had a fantastic month. The landscape is stunning and the sheer abundance of amazing wildlife everywhere is breathtaking. You …

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I’ve been enjoying observing the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Shetland for the last couple of weeks, and over the next week or so I’ll post some of the sketches I did while I was there. Tonight is Seal Night. These are harbour (or common) seals. In Shetland seals are called selkies. According to the …

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