Sketching at the River Lune with Milan Ivanic

Continuing with the weeks heron theme, on Friday morning I met my friend Milan Ivanic , and we went out for an hour sketching by the Lune. We headed just downstream of Halton Mill (where my studio is), by Denny Beck bridge. The resident heron was in place on the stone weir so I sat and drew it, using my little telescope so that I could see the details easier. After a few minutes a pair of mergansers who also live on this bit of the river came to join the heron. The black and white male was in full view, but all I could see of the female was her red neck and head sticking up. They’re funny birds, their crests give them a sort of permanently startled expression. There’s quite a few living on this part of the river at the moment.

While I was watching and drawing the birds, Milan was drawing the river, me, and Ashby my dog who was paddling. Here is my watercolour sketch, and Milan’s ink drawing.

Heron on Lune Weir, Halton. Watercolour sketch
Heron on Lune Weir, Halton
Ink drawing by Milan Ivanic
Ink drawing by Milan Ivanic

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