Raising funds for Give A Hen A Home

A couple of weeks ago two lovely ginger ladies joined our family. Betty and Delilah are ex barn hens, rescued by Give A Hen A Home. They’ve settled in really well, although somewhat to our surprise they’re absolutely in charge and bossing our existing six hens around. It has been lovely watching them enjoy their first ever taste of the outdoors, scratching in the leaves and sunbathing. Their feathers are already starting to grow back, and they both lay well. Had they not been rescued, Betty and Delilah along with 350 or so other chickens from that farm would have been killed, deemed useless at only a year and a half old.

I’m raising some funds to help rescue more hens by donating £10 from each sale of two prints, Spring Chickens, and Black Rock Hens, see below. In addition, Give A Hen A Home will be auctioning the original Spring Chickens, a large oil painting, on the run up to Christmas, and all funds raised will support their work. You can buy the prints from my online shop here. To find out about the auction of the original painting, follow myself or Give A Hen A Home on Facebook, where we will announce it.

Black Rocks. Limited edition print.
Black Rock Hens. Watercolour.
chicken painting
Three Hens. Oil on canvas.
Delilah enjoying sunbathing for the first time in her life.