Sketching at Conder Green, Lune Estuary

I just thought I would share a couple of photos from this morning, I went to Conder Green on the Lune Estuary. Such a beautiful day that even the mud looked nice – reflecting the blue sky. I love the shapes carved by the tidal channels in the salt marsh and mud, and the birds are always fascinating. Today there were lots of redshank scurrying around busily, feeding before the tide covered up the mud. I think they were redshank anyway, they had red legs.

I’m planning a series of larger paintings from my accumulated sketchbooks of the Lune Estuary, I have dozens of sketches of birds and the river, I’d like to do something with them.

My Mighty Midget telescope and sketchbook


Wellies essential all year round in Lancashire
Conder Green. Glasson Dock in the background and a flock of oystercatcher and knot?) which rose from the opposite side of the river
Redshank feeding on the mud, incoming tide
Blue Mud! An acrylic study I painted from my watercolour sketch.