Cow Paintings in JC Country

I have a lot of friendly looking neighbours with black and white spots. I like to say hi when I walk past with Ashby my dog, and I recently decided to draw some of them. These are cows from the dairy herd belonging to John Carr, of Clevely House Farm in Forton, and prints of my cow pictures will soon be for sale in the farm shop, JC Country 🙂 The cows are part Jersey and they’re really beautiful.

I love working in ink, like watercolour it is quite quirky, best treated with a light touch. These cows were drawn in Quink Ink, which although sold as an ink for writing, is my favourite ink to draw with.

Here’s the pictures, including Ashby who works as Quality Control.

Quality Control
Quality Control
'Cow-619', Ink and watercolour.
‘Cow-619’, Ink and watercolour.
'Cow-823', Ink and watercolour.
‘Cow-823’, Ink and watercolour.
'Dairy Cow, Clevely House Farm', Ink and Watercolour
‘Dairy Cow, Clevely House Farm’, Ink and Watercolour