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Herdwick Tup, Lakeland Fells. Limited edition print

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Limited edition prints are printed on demand. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

This limited edition Giclee print is a high quality reproduction of an oil painting. It is a portrait of a Swaledale tup (ram) in the Lake District fells, the native home of the breed. These sheep are incredibly tough, living entirely from foraging, with incredibly dense fleeces and fluffy legs – they’re perfectly adapted to the Lake District climate. Herdwicks are also beautiful colours, subtle shades of grey, silver and brown, making them a lovely subject to paint.

The print is generated from a high-resolution digital scan and is printed on 310 gsm fine art paper. The Giclee printing process provides better colour accuracy than other means of reproduction and archival quality inks ensure that the prints will not fade over time.

The image measures 33.5 x 28 cm.

Dimensions 43 × 36 cm