Ribbon Bark


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This large acrylic painting shows the trunks and bark of mountain blue gum trees; eucalyptus trees that grow in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. The bark of these trees is really spectacular; it peels off and hangs in ribbons of different colours, which contrast with the pale smooth bark of the trunk underneath. Walking through the Blue Mountains is an amazingly surreal, almost ghostly experience. Glimpses of bright red sandstone cliffs can be seen in the distance, but the mountains are often misty, and the trees extremely tall, so everything is viewed through a bluish haze. I painted this using a palette knife as well as brushes, this gives it a more textured appearance.

The painting is on canvas and is framed in black wood. It measures  54 x 124 cm (21 x 49″).

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Dimensions 54 × 3 × 124 cm