Zebra & Bok

Some more of my animal sketches from South Africa; Cape Mountain Zebra Equs zebra zebra, and assorted antelope, or as we called them, bok. The bok rank as one of my favourite animals ever to draw, there is something totally compelling about their angular shapes contrasting with beautifully elegant spiralling horns. Kudu and bontebok as included here were my favourites. I would have loved to draw the mysterious eland, the huge antelope which feature in so many Khoisan/Bushmen paintings. We did see eland a couple of times, but only from a distance too far to draw and I was to busy watching them to take a photo. I’ve included a photo of some fantastic eland cave paintings we saw in Cape Town museum.

The zebra were very difficult to draw. I think one problem was that I know how horses ‘go’, but zebra aren’t really horse shaped. More like a mule, but then they have these pesky stripes everywhere. Aargh!


zeb2zeb1 zeb3 zeb4bok3bok4bok1bok2bok5

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