Todays sketches are of some warthogs and vervet monkeys. (And another elephant backside). The monkey stole our loaf of bread and then modelled for us beautifully while she ate it. Her baby didn’t seem to like the bread, probably too young. Warthogs are amazingly strange looking, especially the males, they have bumps below their eyes and huge tusks. I think their heads look almost too big for their bodies, and they have quite elegant hindquarters which look like they belong to a different animal. The females are a bit easier to draw, once you’ve looked at them enough anyway. Unlike most of the animals they came close enough that I was able to draw them without binoculars. When warthogs run they stick their tails straight up in the air, it looks really funny. They seem to always kneel when they graze.


Warthogs1 Warthogs2 Warthogs3



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