The dog’s life

As Johnny is away at the moment, our dog Ashby has been spending large ammounts of time on ‘our’ sofa, specifically, in the hollow normally filled by Johnny. Ashby has his own sofa but prefers our (identical) one. I’ve been drawing him whilst watching rubbish telly – which means I have to go and sit on the dog sofa.

I find it interesting how uncomfy he looks a lot of the time. Whilst I have met many spoilt dogs, even a few dogs marginally more spoilt than Ashby, I have yet to meet one that could outdo him in it’s capacity to look so woebegone and uncomfortable whilst lying on a sofa.

I’ve also included a drawing of Connie, the cat from next door. She has ADHD and possibly some sort of bipolar disorder, rarely staying still unless her fangs are locked into your wrist. This is the only sketch I’ve managed to complete.

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