I sketched these yellow bellied and red eared terrapins this morning in the Butterfly House at Williamson Park. They are good models as they mainly just lounge about on rocks, or half out of the water. I think they are amazing looking animals, atavistic in appearance.

Watercolour sketch of a terrapin
Red eared terrapin, watercolour
Pencil sketch of terrapins
Terrapins, pencil


Pencil sketch of a red-eared terrapin
Terrapin, pencil

1 thought on “Terrapins”

  1. I love these sketches! I am looking after a friend’s terrapin at the moment and have been trying to sketch him but I ,m finding it incredibly difficult to get the proportions right. I want to do a watercolour and ink. Thought this would be a nice present for the friend.

    I shall keep trying! (I cheated and took a photo on my i..pad! as a photo doesn’t move!)


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