My wire and metal sculptures are inspired by birds and nature. See below for more information.

The ‘Spoonbill’ sculptures are made from up-cycled charity shop cutlery. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors. If kept outdoors they will remain shiny overall but are likely to develop small areas of surface rust in places. This can be periodically polished off, or you can allow them to develop in character as they age. They are mounted either on driftwood or stone but can easily be detached and could be displayed on a tree or bird table.

The wire sculptures are made from galvanised wire, which does not rust. The legs are steel which rusts to a bright orange red. The sculptures can be kept outdoors for many years. The heron sculptures are mounted on stone or driftwood, but can easily be detached and set directly into a lawn. The wire hens are freestanding.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a sculpture.

Sample Prices 2018:

Wire Heron mounted on stone – £400

Wire Heron without stone – £375

Wire Hen – £200

Wire Cockerel – £300

Spoonbill  mounted on stone – £175

Spoonbill mounted on driftwood – £150