Recent life drawings

The three drawings were made with charcoal and a putty rubber taking 5 mins (pink paper), 10 mins (blue) and 15 mins (yellow). I covered the paper in charcoal, drew in the main lines, then drew in the highlights using a putty rubber. The older and mankier the putty rubber is, the better; accrued dog hair and dirt gives added strength to it, allowing you to make sharper lines.

I spent about 2 hours on the painting, although I think I overworked it a bit. The ‘brief’ I set myself was to go back to basics and paint with just three colours, using it tonally rather than realistically. I cheated a bit and used two blues, (in order to get a nicer green), however, I like the colours a lot. I’m less sure about the finished picture, I took it home and stuck it on the mantlepiece for a while and realised it looks like an illustration for a Mills and Boons novel. Woops.

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