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I’m quite excited because my friend Giselle is organising a pop up exhibition of my paintings at her lovely house in Turton, near Bolton. Pop ups are temporary exhibitions or events, they’re often in empty shops. My exhibition is one night only on Saturday 17th November. I’ll be showing my new landscape paintings which I’ve been madly working on the last few months. I know its a really busy time of year, but it would be lovely to see you there. Please feel free to forward my flyer!

Here’s some info about the paintings.

[box] Parallels

The paintings shown here form the beginning of a new collection of work, a series of oils and acrylics depicting landscapes from the global ‘north’ and ‘south’. Like many of their contemporaries, my great great grandparents and eight of their ten children moved south from Unst, Shetland, ultimately emigrating to Australia in 1911. (The eldest two children including my great grandmother remained in Scotland). Having decided to follow in their footsteps 100 years later, I am now documenting my impressions of these landscapes at opposite ends of the earth, utterly disparate yet linked so closely for me by family ties. The name ‘Parallels’ refers to lines of latitude, as well as the fact that although the landscapes are located so far apart I found threads of similarity between them, a palette of blues and oranges echoing between the dark seas and sandstone cliffs of Eshaness, on the far west of Shetland, and the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, where ribbons of copper coloured bark peel off the blue gum trees.[/box]


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