Paintings of Morecambe Bay in autumn

These acrylic paintings are of the view south west across the channels of the River Keer, which flows into Morecambe Bay carving beautiful shapes into the mud. In fading autumn afternoon light at low tide the sky and the land appear in soft and muted tones of grey, purple and blue, while the water in the river channels flashes silver. Living near the edge of Morecambe Bay I visit it as often as I can, watching how the light and colours change throughout the seasons. These were painted after a recent trip to Silverdale, near the border with Cumbria. As usual I painted using my fingers and a palette knife as well as paintbrushes. I’d like to say I do this because working directly with my fingers allows a more spontaneous, direct style, however, I think I really just like being messy.

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Acrylic landscape painting of Morecambe Bay.
Autumn, Morecambe Bay.



















Acrylic landscape painting of Morecambe Bay
River Keer, Morecambe Bay.

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