Paintings in progress – Shetland Blue

These are a few paintings I’m currently working on in between other things. As you can see, I had amazing weather on my July trip to Shetland. My cousin and I named this particular slate blue grey sky ‘Shetland Blue’ – it’s the closest we got to a blue sky in two weeks. In fact most of the time the weather wasn’t anything like this dramatic, but painting landscapes in flat white light is very uninspiring. So when a storm swept in across Yell Sound as we were speeding towards our Unst ferry late one evening we slammed on the brakes to watch, and take some photos. And hence missed our ferry, but it was well worth it.

The paintings in progress on the easels are of the cliffs at Eshaness, on the far west of the mainland. They are an amazing crumbly red, which even in fairly weak sunshine appear to glow. For some reason there were no birds on them, perhaps they are too unsound. Compared to the cliffs of Unst (the northernmost island) they felt utterly lifeless, but I wanted to paint them because of the colour. There were huge cracks in the ground as you approach the edge, the whole stretch of coastline gave the feeling that it might just split apart and fall into the sea.

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