On painting sea

Once I start looking at water I find it difficult to stop, be it reflections in puddles or breaking waves. For a couple of months now I’ve just been painting sea and finding it a most addictive subject. Water is so deceptive. Something transparent yet infinitely changeable in its colour, shape, texture, and of course movement. I find one of the biggest challenges when painting sea is capturing its heaviness, the bulk of the waves.

The sea is always beautiful, but I don’t think it is peaceful and soothing, or certainly not the seas I know. I’m an absolute water baby – I love swimming and sailing, and I’m happiest by the coast, but I also find water quite terrifying. There’s such strength and potential menace in the waves.

This is a small study for a larger painting I’m planning. I quite liked the painting without the gulls, but I felt it needed them to emphasise the scale of the waves.

I won’t be writing my blog for a month, as I’m very happy to say I’m away to South Africa on Monday. Big waves there I hear, as well as some interesting beasties to draw!





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