Oil painting of rooks

I’ve been working hard to finish some bird paintings for my series Flocks and Shoals. However, last week I found out that the restaurant/gallery where I was due to exhibit in early April is closing, so I’m considering my options. We also had some very good news – Johnny was offered, and has accepted, a job at Lancaster University in the north west of England. We’ll shortly be migrating back north to Lancaster (we both studied there). The immediate future is still a bit unknowable, but at least I now know where I’ll be based for a few years. Yay! I’m trying to decide whether to try and find another venue for my paintings in Vienna, or to find a gallery in the UK.
This is an oil painting I did last week, based on all my sketches of the rooks. I painted the whole canvas very dark (Prussian) blue, in swirling strokes. Once it was completely dry I painted on the sky using a palette knife and a stiff bristle brush, leaving the shapes of the rooks. I’m fairly happy with the painting, I think the shiny dark paint works well as interesting negative shapes. It doesn’t photograph so well, but this gives an idea.

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