Lune Drawings Days 5 & 6 – Midsummer

It is midsummer now and on Saturday I drew my fifth drawing of my month long series of drawings of the River Lune and Morecambe Bay. It is a rapidly drawn pencil sketch of the view from Glasson Sailing Club looking north across the Lune estuary. It was so stormy that there were no boats out and I had to huddle on the embankment next to the slipway for shelter, listening to the lovely sound of masts clinking in the wind. You can see the wind turbine at the university, the tops of the windfarm at Caton Moor, and Clougha Pike, an imposing wee hill which believes itself to be a mountain. The night before, Midsummers Eve when I was jointly foolhardy enough to have a picnic on its slopes it had a blanket of chilly cloud swirling over its peak.

I was away on Sunday and didn’t manage to draw anything, No. 6 in the series is therefore a watercolour sketch from this morning, back at my usual haunt of Marsh Point opposite the Golden Ball pub. It is still very windy today but the sun has been out and the light is lovely. Two shelduck were preening themselves by a small pool on the salt marsh so I decided to paint them. I’d just about sketched in the first one when a walker scared them off, so it is a very hasty attempt, and the wind also made the paint run. I’d better get in some practice of drawing in tough conditions, its only a month before I’m away to Iceland. Can’t wait!5. Sailing club 6. Shelduck

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