Life drawing – September

These are the two pieces that I’m most happy with from last Saturday’s life drawing. I’m really working on not overworking paintings at the moment! and here I think I managed to retain some element of spontaneity. I’ve always preferred sketches to finished drawings, and drawing to painting, yet I love colour so much. So I suppose drawing in paint is my best option.

Today I visited the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. It’s really good and I want to go back for longer next time as I only had an hour. I was so happy to find a McIntosh Patrick painting that I hadn’t seen before, of Eskdale. James McIntosh Patrick, born in Dundee in 1907, was one of the best known and loved Scottish landscape painters of the last century. His paintings are perhaps nostalgic, but I think they are also timeless, they capture a sense of place so fundamentally.
When I was wee I thought of the print my Granny had above her mantlepiece as you might a favourite story; you know so precisely how it goes but nevertheless can always find something new.

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