High altitude rainforest illustration, in progress

Work in progress. The illustration is to show the rare indri, the largest lemurs in Madagascar, in their mountain rainforest. They look like giant black and white teddy bears with crazy green saucer eyes. Every morning indri families get together and sing. This sounds charming but in fact their singing is more like a siren, and the sound travels for miles.
The illustration will be used on the sixth and final poster for the Ako Project environmental conservation campaign, http://www.lemurreserve.org/akoproject.html. The posters are used in schools all over Madagascar.
I’ll update this post as the illustration progresses.

1 thought on “High altitude rainforest illustration, in progress”

  1. These remind me of my trip to Andasibe in 2008 to hear the Indri sing. Haunting and almost like whale song. We had a good view of them up in the canopy, along with a group of local school children. The colours in your paintings are very evocative.

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