Some watercolour scribbles of my Mum’s hens – including Frodo the fluffy legged cockerel and the new chickens who are yet to be named. They’re confined to a run at the moment, because a pair of crows are determined to eat chicken nuggets for tea.
Frodo is a fairly recent addition to the flock, named because he is tiny but with huge fluffy feet. He’s only a third of the size of the Black Rock hens, and we were fairly impressed that he’s achieved some offspring!

The watercolour below is a slightly more detailed study of some of the hens, painted indoors (as opposed to in the hen run)

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  1. Mary,

    I am working on a Web site for an organization that promotes Humane diets and farming practices. I am looking for sketches like the hen illustrations to use on 4 interior pages of the site. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing your work. brian@brianpgraphics.com

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