Works on canvas

“Painter of Light!” D. E Johnson, 2014
“The painting is even more beautiful in the flesh”  Andy Davis, 2015
“The puffins arrived on Wednesday and they are gorgeous!” Gila Schauer, owner of ‘Puffins, Iceland, 2013’

This gallery shows a selection of my original acrylic and oil paintings. I paint whatever inspires me, and I enjoy experimenting with new subjects. My chief passion is nature; and much of my work is in response to wildlife or wild places. I do not have a favourite medium as such, preferring to alter the medium in response to the subject. However, the majority of my paintings are in acrylic, which I love for its sheer adaptability. When I work outdoors I tend either to draw, or to work in watercolour. You can see some of my sketches here as well as on my blog.

Having lived my whole life by the coast I’ve a particular fascination for the sea, and many of my paintings are coastal landscapes and seascapes, from my birthplace in Fife, and elsewhere in Scotland and Shetland, to beautiful Morecambe Bay near where I now live. I’m also really interested in the connections between humans and the environment; the way that places are shaped and altered by people. Particularly in northern England and rural Scotland there is often a kind of ghostly presence of people who are long gone but nevertheless still tangible through the remains of ruined crofts, ancient dry stone walls, abandoned mines, quarries and mills.

If you wish to purchase an original painting you can do so in my shop. Limited edition prints can be made of any of my work featured here. I also undertake custom artwork and portrait commissions. You can see some of those in my portrait gallery, and find out more about how to buy a painting on my buy or commission artwork page.