Days 9 and 10: Raindrops and swans

Drawing 9, 15.30 last Thursday 27th June of a very rainy River Wyre. Squiggles scribbled in pencil on my waterlogged sketchbook drawn in haste in pouring rain. I had to stop after about two minutes before the paper disintegrated. A female mallard was kind enough to swim past so that at least I had something to draw other than raindrop ripples. The Wyre is a beautiful river which flows into the Irish Sea at Fleetwood. The next large river south of the Lune and possibly my favourite river round here. Its like a highland river, dark peaty brown having run down through the Bowland Fells. I’ve seen salmon jumping in it a few times. I drew this just downstream of the village Dolphinholme.

Drawing 10  from Friday 28th; beautiful golden evening light following another day of heavy rain. I finished it just after 9pm. The swans feeding and sleeping on the salt marsh at Conder Green near Glasson Dock made lovely subjects to sketch in watercolour. At the same time I was sketching these we saw a sparrowhawk, a large flock of redshank, lots of swallows, housemartins and lapwing.














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