Days 11, 12, 13 – River Esk and more rain

My drawings from Sunday 30th June and Mon 1st July are a watercolour and pencil sketch of the River Esk, in West Cumbria. It has the most beautifully clear water with a hint of green. It seemed unusually clear to me; I’m used to dark mountain rivers from the peat on the hillsides. The river cascades down upper Eskdale in a series of lovely waterfalls and pools. We swam both days. It was really not very warm at all. My dog Ashby did not like us jumping or diving in, he got most upset, squeaked a lot and tried ineffectually to rescue us. The pencil sketch is of an ash tree overhanging a pool in the river. Yet again reminded me how much the landscape will be altered, to my mind for the worse, should we lose most ash trees to disease.

My drawing today, Tuesday 2nd July is an ‘ink and rain’ sketch . I wanted to go back to the Lune estuary but it was raining so hard I had to draw in Freemans Woods, which is near the river. It was like being in a dark green cave with the rain splashing all around and even though I had my sketchbook half closed it still got covered in raindrops. Ashby ate a stick while I drew. He insisted on pulling out the stick that I was sitting on, which didn’t make things any easier for me.


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