Cute lemur family and misanthropic rant

Finished painting the gentle lemur family into my latest Ako Project poster today (Lac Aloatra, in north central Madagascar) It feels like it’s going slowly but I’ve not had so much time to work in my studio recently, compared to over the summer which was when I was meant to be painting it. It was held up because a key advisor in Madagascar was pursuing an armed gang of tortoise smugglers. The gang were caught eventually. This sounds pretty funny but rare species smuggling is a massive problem in Madagascar, and all over the world. As long as people want to eat lemurs, sharks fin, tortoises, or make medicine from bear bile or tiger bone, etc etc, the trade will continue, and it’s all just so unnecessary. This needless cruelty and destruction is what makes me personally so angry; similar to humans choosing to eat animals produced by battery farming methods, or fish taken from the rapidly emptying oceans. I’m afraid I’ve become a truly embittered misanthrope. You can, however, just look at the cute lemur picture.

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  1. I loved watching these gentle lemurs on the BBC Madagascar series – especially the way they use reeds as bridges. Have you been to Lake Aloatra? I'd love to see them with my own eyes…

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