Challenging ‘challenging’ art

A quote by artist John Keane in the June edition of the A-N Magazine:

“…Who is going to challenge the hegemony of ‘challenging art’? I long for the day when a commissioned artist, out of sheer perverse bravado, might fill the lofty and intimidating Turbine Hall of Tate Modern with delicately crafted watercolours…’

Me too! Why is contemporary art only considered worthwhile when it is ‘challenging’? Why is figurative art still looked down upon, undervalued – art which is based upon hard work and skill developed over years of practice and study? Why are artists who make a living by selling their work considered of less artistic merit than conceptual artists?

Jonathon Jones recently discussed this in his article ‘Painted into a corner’. Worth pondering upon, especially if you are stuck at home feeling bitter with a cold and unable to actually paint!

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  1. totally with you 🙂 there is, however, a large continuum of quality, imho. get better soon!!

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