Boats and Mud – River Lune Drawing #1

Living next to the Lune with a dog I spend a lot of time looking at the river, its banks, boats, birdlife, mud, scum, driftwood…its a good and compelling river, I suppose as all rivers are. When I first moved to Lancashire I didn’t much like the Lune estuary or Morecambe Bay, I thought it was ugly and squelchy and brown compared to the waves, cliffs and sandy beaches of Fife where I grew up. Not sure what happened but a few years down the line I acknowledge that while Morecambe Bay is indeed squelchy and brown its also very beautiful.

I’m going to attempt to draw one drawing every day for a month of the river, or of something connected with it. So this is the first, the eloquently named Boats And Mud sketch, which I drew this morning at Green near Glasson Dock. I like the way the mud banks are similar shapes to the boats.



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