Some watercolour scribbles of my Mum’s hens – including Frodo the fluffy legged cockerel and the new chickens who are yet to be named. They’re confined to a run at the moment, because a pair of crows are determined to eat chicken nuggets for tea.Frodo is a fairly recent addition to the flock, named because …

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Kely Masoala

I was at kely (which means little in Malagasy) Masoala last week, a Madagascan rainforest in Zoo Zurich – an 11,000 sqm hall filled with authentic Masoala species – plants, birds, bats, lemurs.. even ants and termites which hitched a lift by accident, and are now thriving. Soil had to be imported, to allow the …

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RHS Medal!

I’m very happy today because my collection of seed related paintings won a Silver Gilt medal from the RHS. They’re currently hanging at the NEC, Birmingham, at BBC Gardeners World Live. (You have until Sunday evening to see them!)My exhibit was composed of 8 paintings of seeds, which are part of a Seed Alphabet I …

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Green June rain

This watercolour is of Caton Moor, the view from my studio in Hornby. The first proper rain we’ve had in ages made the bright green and newly mown yellow fields glow almost luminously, contrasted by dark steaming woods and hedges, and the mist on the moor merged into the sky.

Lune estuary

This watercolour sketch shows the estuary of the River Lune, looking over to Sunderland Point. I painted it in half an hour on Saturday morning as the tide was, literally, racing back in. By the time I walked back, all the little muddy creeks in the salt marsh were filling up and the sand/mud seen …

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Fife watercolour sketches

Was in Fife visiting my parents this weekend and took my watercolours. The evening skies have been amazing over the last month, I’m sure because of the ash in the atmosphere.Why do cats always cram themselves into boxes that are too small for them? Flora bulges over the edge.

Elm twig

This watercolour sketch is of an elm twig, with its flowers. Elms flower before the leaves come out. This particular tree is a lovely large one, in a nearby field. I’d passed it several times but never before realised it was an elm – my parents were visiting and Dad identified it. I was recently …

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