Atlantic sunset from Mull, December 2011. Acrylic

December 2011 brought some fairly blowy weather to our fair shores. Hurricane Friedhelm smashed into the west coast of Scotland on the 8th of December and within hours was renamed Hurricane Bawbag. This song is worth a watch:

I was on Mull for a couple of days before Bawbag arrived, and while the wind wasn’t quite yet up to speed, it was nonetheless fairly impressive; a constant series of squalls racing in off the Atlantic. So windy that my dog and I walked right up to an otter busily eating a sea urchin before it even noticed. Its difficult painting dramatic skies and seascapes without them looking either artifiicial, contrived or downright cheesy. I just wanted to convey the sky and sea as it was, nothing more. It did actually look like this.

The painting is in acrylic. (Oils would have been a lot easier, as they blend so beautifully, but unfortunately they also make me feel sick). Its quite big, measuring 91 x 61 cm. I painted it as a gift, so its not for sale.

Atlantic sunset from Mull, December. Acrylic on canvas.
Atlantic sunset from Mull, December. Acrylic on canvas.

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