Art in the Park

Art in the Park: “the only art class I’ve been to where you get to take corpses home with you”

This is my favourite comment about my art classes in Williamsons Park, Lancaster. I’m really enjoying teaching there; there are just so many interesting animals and plants for inspiration. Last week the park staff gave me a salad bowl full of beautiful butterflies hence the corpse comment this morning.

The initial six weeks of the classes have gone really well, and I’m now re-advertising in order to keep the course going longer term. So please get in touch if you are interested in learning to sketch birds, animals, insects and plants. We have also done some landscape drawing (the park has stunning views across Morecambe Bay), and next week we’ll be practising drawing ripples and reflections down by the pond. And perhaps the odd duck or dog.

The drawings on this flyer were all done by my students, of tropical plants in the butterfly house. I’ve also attached my sketches of butterflies from this mornings class.








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